5 Health Benefits of Running

Lindsey Bright

Thinking of picking up running, but need some motivation?

Cardio is the perfect way to stay active and healthy, but running can be scary and overwhelming to anyone just starting. You are not alone! So here are five benefits you might not know that will help inspire you to lace up your sneakers and get in some miles.

1. Running improves sleep.

Intense aerobic exercise has been shown to help reduce insomnia by increasing your body temperature and fatiguing your muscles, tiring you out.

2. Running strengthens your immune system.

Exercise causes your body temperature to raise, therefore boosting your white blood cells and antibodies and helping your body to fight off infection and unwanted bacteria.

3. Running boosts energy.

Running helps with improving your muscle strength and endurance, sends oxygen to your tissues, releases endorphins, and overall helps your cardiovascular system. Better heart health? More energy.

4. Running improves mental health and reduces stress.

Once again, the endorphins released while running make you feel better, but not just physically. This exercise also works to release your body’s stress hormones, like adrenaline.

5. Running builds muscular strength and endurance.

Not to overstate the obvious, but if you want stronger, more lean muscles, you know what to do.

Cardio works wonders, and now you a few of them, and these are only five of countless benefits that running has for your body and health. Hope this sparks your motivation and helps drive you to dominate the course ahead!