Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult! Pictured: an array of vegetables on a kitchen table

It’s March, so chances are you’ve slowed down on your ambitious New Years’ eating goals, and that’s OK! In the work world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we often find ourselves rushing through our day, forgetting to take care of our bodies, and pay attention to what we eat. That is why we have compiled a list of five easy health tips to improve your eating habits today!

1. Don’t Be Fooled By “Diet Foods”, They Won’t Help Your Health

Product labels that advertise “fat-reduced”, “fat-free,” or “low-calorie” can be enticing for a professional looking to improve their health and eating habits, but these products are deceiving. Removing fat and calories takes away the flavors that make these foods appealing, so an abundance of sugar, as well as harmful chemicals, are added in an attempt to provide flavor, defeating the point of these “diet foods”. Go for a fresh banana instead!

2. ALWAYS Choose Whole Grain Bread Over Refined Grains

“Refined grains” may sound fancy, but the milling process involved takes away all the healthy brans and germs to lengthen the shelf life. Though the finer texture may be appealing, the health issues these kinds of bread causes are not worth it. On the other hand, whole grain bread is loaded with lots of fiber and other important nutrients to nourish your mind and body. The best part? Whole grains have been proven to reduce the risk of type two diabetes, cancer, and heart disease! Check out this article about the differences between whole and refined:,bran%2C%20germ%2C%20and%20endosperm.

3. Don’t Forget Daily Supplements for your Health

Roughly 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient, and 70% are Omega-3 deficient. These daily supplements play a vital role in keeping your brain and body at their top potential and health. Research shows that taking Omega-3 supplements daily dramatically improves brain function, while vitamin D supplements reduce the likelihood of sickness since this supplement is a huge boost to your immune system. Every professional should jumpstart their day with these supplements!

4. Drink Your Coffee Black

Coffee makes the world go round. What would we do without it? Though that morning cuppa is a great energy boost, it also has many health benefits! However, these benefits are canceled out when you start adding the creamers, sugars, syrups, and sweeteners. Take full advantage of this universal morning ritual, always drink your coffee BLACK! (plus it’s cheaper!)

5. Colorful Plate = Healthy Plate

Last but not least, always be sure your plate is colorful. (Candy doesn’t count!) Think about it: if your plate is mostly browns and yellows, chances are you’re getting a lot of gluten, fat, maybe even protein that you get from meat and bread, but very little fiber or minerals that you receive from vegetables that improve your health. And if your plate is too green, you might be missing out on the vitamins and potassium from grains, or the sugars and antioxidants from fruit! This trick is an easy way to evaluate your meals to see if you’re getting all the different ingredients your body needs for a great day!

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