Have clothes on hand so you do not have to work out in work clothes.

By: Jonathan Corley

There are many excuses we all make for why we can not exercise. That excuse often times has something to do with a busy work schedule. It is hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym after a long days work. It is even harder when you have kids at home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things going on that can distract us from staying in shape. However, it is important to make sure to do some sort of physical exercise only three times a week in order to have a reduced stress level. In this blog post, I am going to you 3 ways to incorporate a work out into your busy schedule.

Keep Exercise Clothes on Hand

A lot of times one of the main reasons we do not exercise is the inconvenience. Lets be honest, it is hard to drive home after work and than build up the energy to drive up to the gym. One way to eliminate this problem is to simply keep clothes on hand at all times. It is a lot easier to go straight to the gym after work. A lot can happen in a 20 minute ride home. All the motivation you once had can be all but lost after stepping in your own front door. It is also important to keep clothes on hand in case you get some free time you were not expecting. Maybe one day you get off work early and than you decide you can go work out. Little things like having clothes on hand can be the difference in you getting to the gym that day.

Get up Early

This is my personal favorite trick to get me to exercise. Do not get me wrong, waking up at the crack of dawn is awful. I never want to do it, however, later that day when I am at work I am able to feel more motivated. It puts me in a better mood knowing I was able to get a lift in early that morning. Another reason I like doing in the morning is to simply get it over with. The last thing I want is to sit at my desk all day thinking I have to go workout after this. If I get it over with, I am able to go live freely after the clock hits 5pm. Finally, getting up early allows me to work out with a less crowded gym. Every time I go in the morning, I am able to use the equipment I desire. It allows me to do what I have to do and still get done at a reasonable time. It truly changes the game!

Track Your Progress

Do not just work out to work out. If you track your progress it allows you to set goals. Setting goals results in motivation to exercise. I used to not track my weights and I began to slack on going to the gym, however, I now find that I actually love seeing if I can reach my goals. Setting goals allows one to treat it more like a hobby and not a chore. It is a simple and easy task and can one day be the reason you fall in love with working out.

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