Clock standing on a desk beside a window.

by Abby Livingston

Do you feel like your schedule is scattered, being rushed is your default, and creating effective systems is not something you’ve mastered? If so, here are 3 practical tips for a productive week:

1. Plan For The Week Ahead

If you make plans in your head and inevitably lose track of everything, having a physical or digital will be a great help. So, pick one day a week – Sundays are great – to make note of any event, meeting, work task, household chore, etc. for the entirety of the week. Undoubtedly, the more you see laid out in front of you, the less scattered you will feel, and the more efficient you’ll become. Because of this, organization and productivity go hand in hand!

A tip about planning: noting the estimated time for each activity will allow you to easily plan other activities throughout the week while improving your time management skills.

Digital weekly planner on an iPad.

2. Meal Prep

It sounds difficult, right? Preparing meals for the week in one day. Ugh! What if I told you that a few hours one day will save you loads of time and energy later? Scheduling time to meal prep will eliminate thinking about, researching, and cooking recipes every other night of the week. Additionally, more time will be available for progress in other areas. Simply cook some of your favorite recipes, divide them into meal portions, pop them in the fridge, and thank yourself later. Dinner is typically the most time-consuming meal, but don’t hesitate to apply this to breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well!

A tip about prepping: a simply go-to meal is rice/pasta, some variation of vegetables, and your choice of protein.

Prepared meals in glass containers.

3. Set Boundaries

You may be thinking: what do boundaries have to do with being productive? A lot! When you lack boundaries, work life bleeds into home life and vice versa. It’s important to know the value of your time and treat it as such. Making the people in your life aware of your boundaries creates clarity, respect, and time to do what you need to do. For example, you could let your family know that even though you are self-employed, they should not call about non-emergency matters from 8 AM – 4 PM Monday through Friday. As a result, you can be present with the task at hand, complete it to the best of your ability, and feel more accomplished.

A tip about boundaries: the more (reasonable) boundaries you set, the more productive you’ll be.

Hand acting as a boundary between standing and fallen dominos.

Comment down below which tip(s) you want to implement!