Last Sunday Evening we produced an Instagram and Facebook post that encouraged self evaluation. The synopsis of the post was to encourage all young professionals to spend at least 5-10 minutes a day in self evaluation. You can view that post at the links below and see the graphic below.

The definition of self evaluation is to evaluate oneself and asses one’s actions and personal performance. As young professionals, we want to be the best right? Right! Self Evaluation is the key that can lead to that. In this blog post we will discuss why self evaluation is the secret to a young professionals success. In other words, why do you need to evaluate yourself at the end of every day?

Reason #1 for Self Evaluation:

It can allow you to recap your day and catch small improvements you would not have seen otherwise.

For me personally, when I self reflect I am able to see tendencies in myself that I usually wouldn’t see. There are so many deep layers of ourselves as humans that we would never be able to see if we didn’t focus on ourselves. When I say focus on ourselves, I don’t mean that in the selfish light, but rather in the selfless light. We must realize what we do wrong. The small improvements that can be caught through daily reflection can cause us to improve daily. Even in small increments. The well known phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is so true. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you shouldn’t expect yourself to improve so quickly. But you can control the little things. That’s what a 5 minute self evaluation can do everyday.

Human beings naturally have blinders. As a Christ follower, I know that the Holy Spirit convicts me when I’m wrong. But, I’m a firm believer that God can use 5-10 minutes of His children sitting in silent reflection and self assessment for the Holy Spirit to convict. How can the Holy Spirit speak if we aren’t listening?

Even with your spouse or family, 5-10 minutes can be a long time. That can be time your reading a book, watching the last inning of the game, or putting the kids to bed. The way I see it, is that 5-10 minutes of self evaluation could be what you need to better tomorrow, than you were today.

Reason #2 for Self Evaluation:

To Not make the same mistakes 2 days in a row.

A quarterback is one of the hardest positions to play in sports. It has tons of pressure and expectations attached to being the helm of the offense, and leader of the team. If a Quarterback has a completion percentage of 35%, odds are during practice the next week he’s going to focus on his accuracy. Why is this? So that the next game his completion percentage will be higher than 35%.

Notice how the Quarterback must improve what he most struggled with the last game. The same thing is true as young professionals. During self reflection time, think about your biggest mistake from the day. It could be a lack of focus, to much time on social media, negative thoughts, or maybe something deeper like hidden anger towards your spouse. Whatever it may be, focus on improving that the next day. Don’t overwhelm yourself during your 5-10 minutes of ALL the things you did wrong. Choose the one you struggle with the most. Or, if you’re a Christian, focus on the one that the Holy Spirit revealed to you needed change.

If we ignore our character flaws and insufficiencies as human beings and repeat the same cycle, than how will we ever improve. We have to be diligent in the process. Not give up. You may say well “Brady how can you tell me I shouldn’t give up? You don’t know what I’ve been through”. Yes, you’re right. I don’t know what you’ve been through or what you’re going through. But I would respond to that with this. Just think, if Christ hasn’t given up on you, then why are you giving up on yourself by not spending time in daily self reflection. You are better than that. Rise above. Start by self evaluating daily, and not making the same mistake 2 days in a row.

Reason #3 for Self Evaluation:

Find your way, find your motivation and find your reason.

Why do you want to improve? This is the question we should be asking ourselves. What is our why? For me personally, it’s my faith, family, and my future.

I want to be the best so that I can glorify the God I worship. If that means that 5-10 minutes of self reflection a day can help me in that goal, than I will do it. It’s imperative I control the things I can control and never forget the reason why I do what I do. To glorify God to the upmost of my abilities. You may not be a Christian. So what’s your motivation?

In addition to my faith, my family motivates me to self improvement. My family is my motivation to spend time in daily self evaluation. That could be the same for you! We are motivated to provide for our families, but also be the best versions of ourselves for them. Your kids, spouse, and all of your family members are depending on you to be the best that you can be.

The future. Self evaluation prepares us for what’s to come. Especially in our jobs as young professionals. The future is unknown. But why not control what we can control by taking time to self reflect everyday.


Brady Henderson