There is a new way to travel and get the most out of your next vacation. You can leave behind the fancy hotel and nice beaches and do the Lord’s work. If you are wanting to give more and take less and be a part of something that is bigger than you than you need to look at the Cristo Solo Missions.

Solo Christo Missions focuses on taking care of others and spreading the Gospel to people in Africa. The mission of Solo Christo Missions is to grow in relationships with the communities and churches in Africa and to aid them in anyway possible. Through constant contact and their yearly trips to Africa they join in very different and unique forms of worship. These relationships allow them to help and aid them so that they can help preservation and the spread of local churches.

The Solo Christo is planted in the rural village of Ndwedwe. The Bhembe’s are the host family that is the leaders of the Christian Church and they are wanting to restore lives that are in the darkness. They have left family and friends the be Church to the people in the Ndwedwe village. The Solo Christo Mission’s job is to assist the Bhembe family in any way that they can.

By donating and going on the mission trips to Africa you can help Solo Christo Missions reach out and show the love of God to the people that are lost. They assist them in financial aid while also going and physical helping with any work that needs to be done in the buildings that they have. The after school programs that they have host more then fifty children. This program is held at the base of operations and help the kid in tutoring, a nutritious meal, and they provide them with the gospel through scripture and songs. They also have a community outreach program in which they spend time with the people in the community that are in need. They give food to those in that are sick and supply them with vitamins. They also visit the elders that cannot socialize with other and spend intentional time with people preaching the gospel.

If you are wanting to do something more than just spend money on yourself and really giving back, then this mission trip is for you. Whether you can donate time or even money this mission can truly use you. Being a part of this mission is being a part of something way bigger than yourself and you can truly be the hands and feet of the Lord and build the kingdom of God.