“Being Led by God’s Will”

Trusting in God's Will.

Building a Business is like Coaching a Sports Team

"THE COST OF NOT FOLLOWING YOUR HEART, IS SPENDING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WISHING YOU HAD." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZZJ3qqizdw&t=32s Vancouver's Most Sought After
A new study from 4 Day Week suggests that a four-day workweek could improve productivity and company revenue.

How a Four-Day Workweek Could Improve Your Productivity

A recently published study concludes that a four-day workweek can lead to higher levels of productivity and even revenue increases. The study was conducted by the advocacy group, 4 Day Week global, and included 61 companies in the UK; since the pilot, 92% of the companies that participated are continuing with the four-day week.

The Father’s Heartbeat

it's time to let the Father reconstruct our hearts to have our heartbeat with His. This hour is critical for the church!

You do not have a Credit Score? Here’s an easy way to start!

Written by: Bar Galanti How to start Firstly, check if you already have a credit score. Each individual is entitled to one free copy of his...

A Year Later

Around a year ago, our entire world faced one of our strangest issues. The Coronavirus spread across the planet and countries began to shut down. Borders closed, State of Emergencies were announced,...

5 Tips To Make The Best First Impression.

1- Wearing a professional outfit contributes to making a good first impression This image was provided by https://instagram.com/suitsbycurtiseliot?igshid=1qn6fzw7dysv8 - Curtis Eliot. Have you...

3 Ways to be Successful

Written By: Caleb Pantoja Business development to success and growing growth concept. Businessman pointing arrow graph corporate future growth

Monday Motivation. Yes, You can Overcome that Challenge

Don't look at where you are, but where you are going. Let no challenge stop you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ-HGMYFRwk