Cocktail of the Week: The Jaded Monk

Ellipsis is a special punctuation that indicate the omission of words or entire sentences using three dots. Through a delicately curated...

How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans – Marcel Floruss

Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street shows us how to pull off wearing a blazer with jeans.

5 Pros for a healthy Work-Life Integration

A work-life integration focuses on bringing life and work closer together. Written By: Reagan Hollis Over the last few years, the business world has moved...
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4 Tips to Wake up Early and Stay Awake

Why is it so hard to wake up early? It’s that time of year again. That dreaded Sunday in which we lose an hour of sleep to herald...
8 Mobile Apps to Increase Your Productivity | Hive Life Magazine

Top 10 Ways to Become More Productive

In a world full of distractions and demands, mastering productivity has become an essential skill for success in both personal and professional work. Whether you want to accomplish...
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The Secret To Mastering The Perfect Pencil Bun

Have you ever seen someone rocking a pencil bun and think to yourself, how do they do that?! As it turns out, it’s just as simple as it sounds! Simply making a...

10 Most Exotic Vacations: On a Young Professional’s Budget

This world is an exciting adventure to explore every day. Here are 10 vacations that won't break the young professional's budget.
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How to Make Lunchtime a Little Easier by Meal Prepping

Looking to save some time and not feel guilty about what you are eating for lunch? Our how-to guide on meal prepping is the answer!

3 of Americas Finest Courses

Who doesn't love a hobby that gets you outside and gives you an opportunity to see beautiful scenery. Below is a collection of three of the most prestiges courses in America. Golfers...